Abandoned Gems

Today we went down to the Colorado River to go cliff jumping and hang out/and see Nelson Nevada Ghost Town. The drive from start to finish in itself is worth the drive it’s breath-taking. About half way down the mountain there is an old abandoned mining town that is a life sized eye spy game.  From old cars to VW camper vans to downed planes this town does not disappoint and is definitely worth spending some time in. They have had stars like Beyoncé, journey, and so many others come shoot music videos and movies but who could blame them?! As soon as you pull in it screams in your face please Delete repeated word take my picture. >>One of the best things about this place is you don’t have to spend a dime, other than the gas. <<

If you travel a little bit farther down the mountain you will find entrances to old mines that you can explore. Now don’t let the graffiti fool you it’s still worth the hike down inside. >>while inside the “historic center/ general store in the middle of the abandoned town you can find old pictures and old town information.<< They said back in the 1800s:  that they found over 5 million dollars worth of gold in those mines. So not only did they earn a pretty penny they got a beautiful view while they were at it.

At the bottom of the mountain you’ll find the Colorado river. You can relax and float or make the climb and go cliff jumping. The cliffs range from big to small so if you’re a baby like I am don’t worry there’s cliffs for you too! The water is always a little chilly but it doesn’t disappoint because in the desert heat it’s just what you need! I absolutely adore everything about this place.


Here’s to a life of spontaneity,


2 thoughts on “Abandoned Gems

  1. Wow!!!!! So fucking amazing if you ask me, don’t you think???
    The one that I’m a bit spectic on is the human being that they freeze for ever. I really don’t think that the government would just allow any Tom,Dick,& Harry to go and freeze dry good ole perv, Lester the molester from down the block. Like really guys. LMAO!!!!!!!! So long!!

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