The Good, The Bad, and The Hot

After days of debate and days of procrastination I finally made it to the library.

Why it it so hard to make it to the library you ask? Well, let me start with the fact that it is 117 degrees out side here today and its damn hot. This heat wouldn’t be an issue if my little Grand Am blew cold air. Trust me the refrigerated section at Walmart gets colder than my car does. My first car back in Indiana didn’t have AC >>my dad always told me 2-60 Makayla that’s your air conditioner. Now what he meant was two windows down at 60MPH in the Indiana summer and honestly I would take that over what my car blows out right about now in this Vegas heat. In the back of my head I can hear him now saying be happy with what you have because beggars can’t be choosers<< I’ve come to learn driving in Indiana spoiled me in more ways than one. People in Indiana are nice drivers… no I’m not being sarcastic not at all. Vegas drivers are mean.. yes mean that is the only adjective Ive decided to use. People choose to ride in the middle of the line, they cut you off and they have no idea how to use their turn signal! I apologize for the rant  but honestly it common drivers etiquette people.

I came to the library to write my blog today because I wanted some peace and quiet to write. Another question you probably have is why don’t you just take your laptop somewhere quiet like your room or a Starbucks and order yourself a nice drink and relax. Picturesque don’t you think? Well actually that sounds fantastic and I defiantly would if I had a laptop… Yep! That is definitely next to get on my list. I should start a Go Fund Me… think it will take off? 😉

With all of the chattering children and the sound of teenage girls giggling in the corner Ive come to realize the library is a great place to check out books but to write a blog not so much. Maybe if i got up early and brought some coffee with me in the mornings it would be quiet…HA! >> If you know me you also know I’m not a morning person<<

Well friends i just got a notification that the library is closing soon so I should be logging off. Also I need to go check out my book Blogging for Dummies! Kaiti got a book on chemistry and a book about ISIS and I’m honestly hoping someone tackles her on the way out.

I will have some new adventures posted in a couple of days as well.

Here’s to a life of spontaneity


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