Mary Jane Falls

Hello friends!

Sorry that ive been MIA for a few days, if you read my last post you’ll remember that i’ve been trying to find a good place to write. On the bright side I have gotten my boyfriends laptop up and running! On the down side the screen is cracked and I’m so frustrated with it I’ve debated on throwing it at the wall about 10 times since I’ve logged in and started writing this post. OH! I even went to debating on making a late run to buy a cheap laptop. The struggle is real my friends and the Go Fund Me page is starting to sound better each and every time this crack is over the part of the screen I’m typing on so that i cant see it.

On with the adventure side of this we made it to Mary Jane Falls a few days ago and boy was it a beautiful hike. The funny part of this is to every local in the city this hike is just another trail to them. Every person has a story about this trail or how they used to hike it as a teenager with their friends. Now to everyone that isn’t a local this hike is amazing, but isn’t that how it always goes? Normal to some an adventure to others?

This hike is defiantly refreshing after spending time in Las Vegas. The weather here in Vegas right now is about 113 degrees and as you make your way up to mount Charleston the temperature drops to about 80 degrees at the bottom of the mountain  and there is not better feeling. This hike is family friendly but beware it is a strenuous hike. So I wouldn’t take any small children or anyone who isn’t active.

At the top of Mary Jane Falls you will find two small two small waterfalls, a vast view of the mountains, and a refreshing temperature that made me so so happy.

Also on the way out there was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. If you pay attention on your way in or out there is a pull off area that is like a cliff and I highly recommend stopping at that to check out the view or to watch the sunset


Here’s to a life of spontaneity



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