Big Falls…Literally 

Big falls is in on the same mountain as Mary Jane Falls. Now though it is beautiful it’s not as much of a local spot as Mary Jane and to be honest with you I couldn’t figure out why…

Well, as we start our hike to Big Falls it starts on the same path as Mary Jane Falls. Now we had no idea where the path started for big falls we just knew the general direction of the waterfall. So after about the first quarter of a mile we broke off and started to head in the direction of the falls. We figured we would run into the path sooner or later and let me tell you we never found that trail because there really isn’t one. I think that’s why this hike isn’t as popular is because you have to go off the beaten path to find this hidden gem. This hike is more rough and strenuous and defiantly not kid friendly but worth the view at the top!

As you work your way up the mountain you have to follow the creek to the top and that is the only way you will find the water fall because that is the only sign to the hidden waterfall. Now be careful I defiantly fell on our way up and down the mountain. At the top the waterfall isn’t huge but it is breathtaking and ice cold. The top is so refreshing from the heat yes, because of the waterfall but also because of the snow that you’ll find…. yes snow in June…. Me being the person I am tried to climb this snow pile laying on the side of the mountain and no I do not recommend it because after climbing half way to the top I slipped because this snow was so packed it was like a sheet of ice and I tumbled to the bottom.

All and all I’m glad I did this hike yet I doubt I will do this hike again any time soon. It is defiantly

worth it but may be just a once in a life time hike. I also didn’t get a ton of pictures but there is a cool video on my instagram everchanginghorizon_ ….until next time

Here’s to a life of spontaneity


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