Who needs a check up? 

Now that I have lived in Vegas for roughly 6 months, I could officially say that I’m settling in. I currently work 2 jobs and fingers crossed waiting on confirmation for my 3rd job. I work at a night club at the Mandalay Bay, on the strip during the weekends, and I work at a photography studio taking school pictures during the day. I enjoy working at both of them and my co-workers are seriously amazing! But, as I am working two jobs I am feeling broke as ever. The third job I am currently waiting on hearing from is weather I got accepted as a nanny, for a wonderful family, with a beautiful 4 year old. I am hopeful that I will receive that job so that my finances won’t be such a struggle.
I have always heard cost of living in Vegas is much higher, but honestly I don’t think that is my problem. I am still trying to figure out and wrap my head around the issue. Gas seems to be a little bit higher and so are groceries. Nothing crazy…only by a few cents on each. Guys, I’m not even kidding you, Joshua and I spend about $160 a WEEK on groceries and we run out at exactly a week. Excuse my french but what in the hell are we doing wrong!?! We eat super healthy and maybe that’s it but when I lived on my own I spent about $120 a month on groceries…I did eat A LOT of pizza for dinner haha but I would still buy a lot of healthy food too. If y’all have any suggestions on how to save money (besides moving back to Indiana) feel free to share them with me because my bank account is hurting.
On another note, last week I got sick and went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with tonsillitis. I’m still feeling under the weather with a constant headache and a sore throat, but definitely getting better…or so I thought. The other night I went to interview with a family to be their potential nanny. While the parents and I were getting to know each other, their daughter was playing doctor. She decided to take her mom’s temperature, her dad’s temperature and so I wanted to play along and have her take mine! Well, guess what? Yep, that’s right, my temperature was 101…AWESOME right? Well, I decided to play it off like I was just hot because I had been running around before I got there. Great excuse right? The dad is a surgeon…think he bought it haha?!) I sure didn’t feel like I had a fever. Anyway, today while I was writing this blog, I got a package (we get delivery’s on Sunday’s in Vegas!). I hadn’t ordered anything so I was very curious & excited to open up this package. So, I rip it open like it’s Christmas morning only to find out that it’s a thermometer!! After telling my mother about my interview she thought maybe I might need one in the future! Haha, my mother is hilarious! It cracked me up! Seriously, it was just the laugh I needed. 
Hope you all enjoy your Labor day weekend! I’ll be spending mine at the lake! 
Here’s to a life of spontaneity… 



One thought on “Who needs a check up? 

  1. Love the update and only words of advise I can give you it to try to grow your own veggies, even if it’s a small pot of tomatoes and lettus, peppers, what ever it is veggie wise you eat. It’s super simple and saves money. Love you and hearing about your adventures. Fingers crossed on the nanny job!


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