Books and… Cheese?

Happy Wednesday friends!

I’m back unfortunately with no new travel updates that’s been put on hold because of work.(Throwback picture from Cali back in March… wishful thinking) My parents are coming to visit next weekend and my heart is so fully of joy, I miss them so much. I wish I had the funds and the time off to go home sooner rather than later but I will keep pushing and hopefully I will be back in the Fort before you know it.

Yesterday was the 12th of September… does anyone know what that means? Yep! You guessed it Chipolatas queso came out yesterday and I will be making my way there today to be the real judge of how great it is. While we are talking about queso I have kindly asked my parents to smuggle some Agavas queso and salsa with them on their journey out to see me next week, and let me tell you if it makes it here all in one piece I will be one happy broad.

On the topic of cheese I was talking to a few of my coworkers the other day about how upset I was that whenever we go out and get Little Caesars Pizza that I don’t get cheese with my bread sticks or any other pizza place for that matter. Y’ALL LET ME TELL YOU I WAS SHOCKED AND I MEAN SHOCKED when they all looked at me like I was crazy for wanting cheese with my bread sticks because apparently that’s not a thing out here. I’m honestly just starting to think that people in Vegas have something against cheese.

***UPDATE: I reached out to a friend living here in Vegas about my cheese deilima and she suggested I write a letter to the mayor about it and I am honestly debating on it. We should be in a state of emergency.

I went grocery shopping today and honestly I can’t tell you how I did it I spent about $50 less than normal and I’m not complaining one bit. I also had an old friend message me about an app that literally pays you to go shopping. No, you don’t have to pay any money for it you just have to go through the app before you go shopping and pick out some things you are going to buy. Then after you’re done all you have to do is redeem your receipt by scanning it on the app and wallah! free money. For example bananas are .50 cents, eggs are .50 cents, and granola bars are $3.00! Once you make up to $20 you can redeem it in a gift card or by pay-pal.

Sorry I don’t have much fun for you this week, I’ve been keeping myself busy by work and reading “The Gift of Imperfections” as well as “Dark Matter”. I highly recommend both! I got both of mine from Amazon ( which I live by) I will put the link down below for you. I love not spending more than $12.00 on books! I also got a book called 300 writing prompts from my mom for Christmas and I write in it all the time, i’ll put the link down below for that one too.(By the Pictures)

One more thing… I’m pretty sure the house is haunted… I’m going to keep gathering more evidence before I share with you guys.

Here’s to a life of spontaneity,



A book, hot coco, and a pup…. talk about a relaxing night. Link:


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