So much has happened since the last time that I have written. Lets see…. I was able to go home for two whole weeks for Thanksgiving. That in itself was a blessing. I called my mom on a Wednesday before I was supposed to come home. I was on my way home from work and earlier that morning she had texted me telling me to just come home early. At the time I thought she was just missing me. Well turns out it wasn’t a joke and for only an extra $40 I was able to change my plane ticket to that coming Friday. My mom and I decided to make it a surprise to everyone that I was coming home a week early. My mom was able to make dad and brother think that she was driving to Indy to pick up some “parts” for work.

Every Friday my mom and dad have a date night in town. My mom and I decided that on the way through town that she would drop me off at the restaurant and I would hide and wait until they got set at their table. While I was hiding in the bathroom (for what felt like forever) I finally got the text that they were sat down and ready. Luckily my dads back was facing the door that i was walking through. So I was able to get up nice and close before he even saw me. Guys, let me tell you that the look on his face was worth the secret. I had never been so happy to be able to surprise someone in my whole life. It was one of the best feelings ever.

What made this even better is later that evening I was able to surprise my best friend while her, her mom, and her sister in law were out to dinner. Right when I found out that I was coming home earlier that week I had texted her mom to see if she would help me surprise her. When I walked into the restaurant and Beth made i contact with me she stared at me for a solid 30 seconds and did not say a word. I cannot make this up. As soon as I finally said hello she burst into tears and I was so happy that I could get her back for surprising me the time before. Words cannot describe how happy I was to be able to spend two weeks in Indiana with my friends and family. I was able to see all of my friends with out feeling rushed as well as Thanksgiving with my mom and my dads side. There is truly nothing more heartwarming than family.

My flight home was on December 1st so close to Christmas. Sadly I was not able to fly home for Christmas. Thankfully technology has come so far that we were able to Face Time for about two hours on Christmas morning. It was almost like I was there. Well not really…but close enough! Even though I wasn’t able to spend time with my family I was blessed enough to spend the holidays with my boyfriends family. The only thing that was missing was the snow. Ironic that the first Christmas that I have ever spent away from Indiana is the first white Christmas that Indiana has had since 1934. G

This past week Joshua had an old army buddy visit and that will be another blog post in itself. We fit so much into just 4 days. The best part of the trip was going out to Zion. I know what you’re thinking yea yea yea you’ve been there before. Well we got to hike angles landing and that in its self deserves its own post.

Stay tuned y’all… and I promise it won’t take me another two months to write another post.

Here’s to a life of spontaneity


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