The Bodies That Went Viral

Hello friends! I’m back with more exciting events to share (yes, even the bodies that live forever)!

This week I was able to be a part of the biggest technology conventions in Las Vegas.  We are so lucky to be living in a culture with such great technology.

As a millennial (a term I hate) I thought I was up to date on the latest technology, but boy oh boy was I wrong.

For starters I have a disclaimer…I do not know all there is to know about these products, nor am I a representative of any of the businesses that were at the convention.  I am just a spectator who is sharing what I witnessed, and sharing my personal thoughts on the products from the 2018 CES Convention.

I was working the convention as a Brand Model Ambassador for a local company in Las Vegas. This was my first experience with the CES convention. The first few days at the convention, I didn’t get a chance to walk around much or honestly care too. I didn’t think that there would be anything more than new tv’s and home appliances, but I was mistaken.  On day 3 I decided to walk around because I saw a friend of a friend post something about bodies of the future, and that really piqued my interest.(I missed day two because of the black out. )

As I started to walk, I began to realize technology was coming along so much faster than I had realized. VRs (virtual reality) were definitely a big part of this convention.  You couldn’t walk more than 40 yards without seeing the “newest biggest VR”. Now I am not a huge fan of VRs and I say this because I would rather travel and experience something in real life rather than see it with a virtual reality product. But with physical and/or monetary limitations, I could see how this would be beneficial, at least you could experience it in that way.   In addition, if I was a huge fan of video games I could see how a VR would be something cool to have to enhance the experience of it all.

Having a “smart house” is coming to life, now you can have a smart, well… everything. A smart kitchen, a smart laundry room, and a smart living room. Any household appliance or entertainment system is now “smart”. Out of the entire household electronics that I was able to see the one that blew my mind was the new “wall paper” TV and the “roll up” TV.  Crazy thin and portable!

On top of having smart appliances you can now have household robots that have different functions. I won’t touch a lot on what they do because there were so many different types and I wasn’t able to stop and look at all of them all. The one I did see that I enjoyed was a robot that was a “teaching robot”. And, as a person who loves to google to learn more things that is something I would definitely love to have in my home. Oh and don’t let me forget about the robot dog! They introduced it as a dog that plays, barks, snuggles and the best part is you don’t have to clean up after it!

Polaroid is also making a comeback. They basically re-invented themselves, they are still the good old instant printable pictures that you know and love but have now added new types of film with different types of filters. For example, the filters can make your pictures colored or look old. It was a fun booth to visit.  I enjoy the simplicity of Polaroid, reminding me of the fun I had as a kid.

Kodiak was also cool to visit. They demonstrated a 3D printer. Just like on the Big Bang Theory, they were able to make little “action figures” of whatever they scanned. Wouldn’t you love to have a miniature version of yourself?

Drones are honestly just getting better and better. There were drones for everyone, to many to mention here.  I am going to start a travel vlog soon and a few of the drones featured at CES would be perfect to use. As an avid lover of travel vlogs I cannot wait to see where drones take us. Also, drone races are here and who doesn’t love a good drone race. Drones can do some amazing things such as carry medical supplies, go under water, and follow you with facial recognition (the selfie drone). Pretty exciting!

So, everything is already blowing my mind, when I am introduced to the new and improved automobiles. Man oh man were they slick and futuristic looking. Wait…I think I am living in the future!  Anyway, self-driving cars have come a long way. I am only going to talk about the car that I looked at (if I talk about all of them we will be here forever). The brand new Nissan car was honestly the coolest car!  I wasn’t even planning on going to see the cars at the convention because let’s be honest I am too broke to be doing anything but dream of buying any of the new vehicles. But, when I heard that there was a car that could “read your mind” I had to go see what it was all about. I posted the video I took of the presentation explaining the car because it’s going to be less confusing than it would be if I tried to explain it to you.

I could go on and on about all of the things that I saw at the convention but now on to what you are all here for…”the Bodies that live forever”.

I thought the presentation at this booth was for real.  Spoiler Alert…it’s not.

I had no idea the body lying there wasn’t real.  I did not see a sign posted anywhere that it was fake.  And, after seeing all the new technology at the convention, it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t.  The body looked real!!  I touched it!! And, after watching the video presentation, I was freaking amazed! I believed. I wanted to live forever, apparently so did a lot of people that saw my video on Facebook.  It went viral!  I quickly came to find out that my videos about the bodies had gone viral and had already had over 30,000 shares. Now at over 100,000 shares. After watching my video’s wouldn’t you believe it was true?

Anyway, the real reason the booth of the bodies was simply to promote a new Netflix show coming out on February 2nd. Bummer huh?  Would you want to live forever?  I’m not sure…

I added my snapchats I took at the convention below, if you want to take the time to watch them.  I am no videographer and I did not expect to reach this many people.  Like, I said I was just expecting some friends and family to see them. If you have any questions feel free to ask, I will be answering as many of them as I can.

Here’s to a life of spontaneity!


95 thoughts on “The Bodies That Went Viral

  1. Playing god is not the answer so what do u do with the human body? What is the cost? So what if some one had a criminal record does that move too next piece of shit thing you call human.?…. ? Can u control it if it gets out of line….?


  2. I fell for it.I really believed someone had finally made it hapoen.Whew!That body dud look real! It just might be! I would love to go to a convention.Hiw can I?


  3. So seems to me that the movies we watch in yhe past are now unfolding into reality, which is a shame. What happened to whats made for tv remains as entertainment. Or has ever been, is the question? This is the mocking of will smiths movie! Makes me wonder. ( and that movie did not turn out well) That movie aired played out how it ruined yhe world let alone ended it. I don t think the world of people think matters all the way through any more, let alone think as taughy CONSEQUENCES, for everything.


  4. I think if this really happens the world would really be coming to the end of time…and I think t.v shop’s & movies that come out with stuff like this,,is just getting ppl ready for what is coming..I think ppl should put GOD in there hearts bc this world is being ran by the devil’s..GOD have was all life & the devil is wanting our souls,,ppl bc put GOD FIRST ♡♡


    • Sorry I don’t believe in God and I never will thanks to the things I have seen and witnessed. I don’t believe in the devil or any of that. I’m a spiritual person and I believe mother nature is the higher power. So quit with your God mumbo jumbo not everyone wants to hear or see it and don’t give me any bull about asking for forgiveness cause I am a perfectly healthy guy who has an amazing woman and is living a great life so if god was real then where is he and why hasn’t he punished me?


      • U don’t really know what your doing to yourself. How much do u think u will on earth. Who created the heaven and earth, it didn’t just happen, someone is responsible for it which is the I Am THAT I Am, The AlMIghty GOD. I use to be like u but one day I encountered God, from that day i believe 💯% that God truly exist


      • You can believe what you want but you will be punished eventually. We only live so long and then we die and that’s when we will be judged. You don’t want to believe what’s in front of your own eyes. What is Mother Nature in your definition? I hope that you get your head out of your ass before it’s too late and realize you’re wrong about your beliefs


      • he may not punish you but soon enough you’ll know the truth. We all see it at some point in our lives we either say naw I was just tripping or we say yea that was proof. I have seen proof many times and not to the point where someone could have fooled me. I was alone and folding clothes and a bible jumped off my bedroom table and landed on a page with a scripture that spoke to me deeply about what happened the night before. Spooky but no other god would even begin to fool with gods book to speak to me unless it was through the work of god himself.


    • Amen!!! There is nothing good about this!! This is so scary for us and our children!! Luckily I have faith in god 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 This is a very scary world we live in!! And the scientists will be dammed to hell for this!!


  5. I would be one of the first to try probably because im over 50 … its got great applications in the medical field i know that this would help many disabled persons


  6. Okay , I just cannot wrap my head around any of this when my samsung phone has auto correct and cannot manage to spell what I am thinking correctly or use the proper grammer!!!! I am glade that you shared your experience however, and it’s truly cool. I am so ready for cars that we don’t have to physically drive . Human cyborg bodies not so much…..however I could go for being taller and younger and live forever . Not!!!! Lol….


  7. “The future of the afterlife”?
    You will still be dead and your eternal soul will still go to it’s just reward.
    The only thing this will do is walk around saying it’s you. It might even believe it’s you. But, you will still be dead.


    • Most of the wars in the world were over religion. How about a war against religion. Imagine all these fantasizers buried six feet deep waiting for their Savior. Come to my door and preach to me so I can put a bullet in your head.


    • You have every reason to be concerned. We all do. Since man cannot create DNA, any DNA these scientists and military get a hold of some is because they are stealing it from some poor victim. Thank you for getting this out there. Every effort is needed.


  8. How did a conversation about a netflix show turn into a conversation about religion? My husband and I don’t go to church but we let our 9 year old daughter go. My 15 year old is a self proclaimed Buddhist. It doesn’t matter if you believe God or not it is how you live your life that justifies where you soul will end up. I’m not saying that I don’t believe but I have witnessed and been put through some very horrible things in my life and none of my prayers were answered. But for someone to sit and bash someone for not believing is not right either. It’s not your place to judge another based on their beliefs. Live your life and keep your judgements to yourself because nobody wants to hear them , or read them because in the end your just making a biggot out of yourself and being a complete ass.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. This convention is definitely put out there to make people comfortable with the thought of signing contracts to allow this company to take possession of their consciousness aka souls. What’s gonna happen to their bodies when the soul is not in it? Means your dead. What else?


  10. This was a great post. I rarely read all the way to the end of stuff like this because it usually doesn’t hold my interest but I read every word. I totally believed it was real until you said it wasn’t. I’m sure there are people who would call us stupid for believing it but they don’t realize that this is possible. Maybe not today, maybe not 20 years from now but I guarantee this will become the new technology one day. The post caught my eye because of the episode of Black Mirror about this same thing. It was my favorite episode of that entire series. I know this was to promote a different show but you should check out the Black Mirror episode, it’s called “Be right back”. I can honestly say that I would do what the girl in the episode did if it was an option.
    I’ve nevery thought about going to a tech convention but this post makes me want to see one asap. Thank you for the awesome read! Sorry my comment is so long. Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • It would be like they loaded it with all your memories and your personality type of thing so that after you die, you still live as a different life form type of thing. That’s the simple version of it for the most part.


  11. So funny it’s for a show debuting February 2nd on Netflix when there is a show already on Netflix that had an episode with the same exact concept. It’s called Black Mirror and it’s Season 2, Episode 3 called “Be Right Back”. Definitely check it out and tell me it’s not the same lol

    Liked by 1 person

  12. This may be for a show yes ,but were do you think this has come from ?? I believe our government is hiding things & I believe they have already experimenting on DNA for real on real humans, we the people would be in shock of what our government is doing & the experiments they have & are doing.. that’s my 2 cents input. .


  13. Same old hustle..ooh look! How great it would your happen to be lucky,cool,Rich,big dog..or want to become the BIG DOG?! This is your chance.
    Be that thing you always wishing you were..finally you don’t just have to hope , or work for change, you can get rid of the ugly you. Never have to see your true face again. Poor bastard.


  14. Its all to promote a series on Netflix. Its not real. Never going to be. No one individual or scientist can recreate the human brain or body. NO ONE. God Almighty is our creator & science can try all they want but will never ever succeed. The human brain is so complex because GOD wanted it to stay his creation and that is all to prove a point to NON BELIEVERS.


  15. I absoulutely loved this post! Truth be told i work in mortuary science and a lot has crossed my mind when it comes to life and death! Most wonder this but have not the courage to ponder the truth nor dig deeper into the unknown! Thanks for sharing matters if its made for netflix or not! Its really a eye opener to what could very well be already in place low key..BUT SO OPEN YOU MISS IT…PEACE

    Liked by 1 person

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