Las Vegas to Nashville in two days.

Hello again!

Recently, I had the opportunity to help move a friend to Nashville, TN. What made it even better was Nashville is about 7 hours away from my hometown. Which means I was able to go home for a bit…and who could pass up a trip to travel across the country…again and go see my friends and family!

Kaiti (my friend) and I started our journey on an early Sunday morning in Las Vegas, and had the goal of making it to Nashville by Monday night. I know you’re thinking we’re crazy because the drive straight through is 26 hours.  However, we had a plan of driving 13 hours each day.

Our trip started wonderfully.  When we hit Arizona, we had a wonderful surprise…SNOW! I had no idea that it snowed in Arizona or New Mexico. Now, now, don’t judge!  In my defense, I grew up in the mid-west. I thought, “it’s the desert-it doesn’t snow in the desert”.

The drive went very smoothly until we hit Memphis, TN.  We got stuck in a traffic jam and we sat in the same spot for 2.5 hours.  To pass the time, Kaiti and I set up camp by getting our blankets and pillows out. We hung up a shirt from the review mirror to hide the glow of the taillights and turned on Netflix on our make shift tv (Iphone). Thank goodness we had movies downloaded on our phones, because neither of us had any of cell service.

After about an hour and a half I decided to venture out.  I got out and walked up the road a bit to try to see what was going on. Since we had no cell service, neither of us could google or have any way to figure out what was going on. We were almost to a bridge so I had Kaiti stay in the car and I ran up on the hill under the overpass to see if I could see anything. While running up, almost to the top of the hill, (it was dark by this time) a small creature startled me. After turning on my flashlight, I learned that this small amphibian was newly dead. For a split second, I thought about taking it back to the car and scaring Kaiti with it. However, we still had a few hours left in the car so I decided not to. I didn’t want my only companion to ignore me for the duration of our drive.  I just took a picture instead!

I went back to the car with no new information. I decided to speak to the truck driver behind us thinking that he would have heard some chatter on his CB. Turns out, he knew about as much as we did. Kaiti and I tried to figure out what we should do, both tired of waiting. I decided I should armor up and start investigating. Thankfully, the line started moving! Thank goodness, because that would have been stupid! Besides that little snafu, the drive was smooth sailing.

I had a blast moving her and being able to see the countryside. When I moved to Las Vegas, we took the route that went through Colorado, so being able to take the southern route through Texas was a wonderful new sight to see.

We arrived at 11:30 pm, on Monday night. We made it! I was able to sleep for a few hours before my parents picked me up early Tuesday morning to start our journey towards Indiana. I would love to tell you about the drive but truthfully, I slept through pretty much the whole drive.

Spending time in Indiana is one of the things that I now cherish most. While I was living there, I couldn’t wait to leave. But, now that I’m gone…sometimes it’s all I can think about. The smells, the colors in the sky, and most importantly my loving family and friends. I’m so incredibly grateful that I am able to go home to visit as much as I have been able to.

On this visit, I was able to get a taste of winter weather. I can honestly say Indiana’s winter is the one thing I don’t miss…the cold grey skies that love to stay and play from November to February…yep, I can definitely do without it.  Las Vegas has the most beautiful blue skies all year around.

The other day driving through Las Vegas I saw the most exciting futuristic looking bike and I am looking for some information on it. I was hoping you guys could help me! The way technology and automobiles are improving is amazing. Even though we were supposed to have “flying cars” all of the new accomplishments that are coming along so far are still surprising me. We have achieved things I never could have imagined (I have attached a video below).

Update on my previous blog about the bodies…after over a half a million shares and getting more hype than I had ever thought possible, the day has come! The show-altered carbon has officially come out on Netflix and I cannot wait to watch it. Netflix getting a booth at the 2018 CES convention to publicize this new show was such a great marketing idea. I will be giving my 2 cents on the show very, very soon! I will most likely be binge watching it since I am currently laid up on the couch due to the flu…it is a nasty bug for sure!

Here’s to a life of spontaneity,

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