Big Falls…Literally 

Big falls is in on the same mountain as Mary Jane Falls. Now though it is beautiful it’s not as much of a local spot as Mary Jane and to be honest with you I couldn’t figure out why…

Well, as we start our hike to Big Falls it starts on the same path as Mary Jane Falls. Now we had no idea where the path started for big falls we just knew the general direction of the waterfall. So after about the first quarter of a mile we broke off and started to head in the direction of the falls. We figured we would run into the path sooner or later and let me tell you we never found that trail because there really isn’t one. I think that’s why this hike isn’t as popular is because you have to go off the beaten path to find this hidden gem. This hike is more rough and strenuous and defiantly not kid friendly but worth the view at the top!

As you work your way up the mountain you have to follow the creek to the top and that is the only way you will find the water fall because that is the only sign to the hidden waterfall. Now be careful I defiantly fell on our way up and down the mountain. At the top the waterfall isn’t huge but it is breathtaking and ice cold. The top is so refreshing from the heat yes, because of the waterfall but also because of the snow that you’ll find…. yes snow in June…. Me being the person I am tried to climb this snow pile laying on the side of the mountain and no I do not recommend it because after climbing half way to the top I slipped because this snow was so packed it was like a sheet of ice and I tumbled to the bottom.

All and all I’m glad I did this hike yet I doubt I will do this hike again any time soon. It is defiantly

worth it but may be just a once in a life time hike. I also didn’t get a ton of pictures but there is a cool video on my instagram everchanginghorizon_ ….until next time

Here’s to a life of spontaneity


Mary Jane Falls

Hello friends!

Sorry that ive been MIA for a few days, if you read my last post you’ll remember that i’ve been trying to find a good place to write. On the bright side I have gotten my boyfriends laptop up and running! On the down side the screen is cracked and I’m so frustrated with it I’ve debated on throwing it at the wall about 10 times since I’ve logged in and started writing this post. OH! I even went to debating on making a late run to buy a cheap laptop. The struggle is real my friends and the Go Fund Me page is starting to sound better each and every time this crack is over the part of the screen I’m typing on so that i cant see it.

On with the adventure side of this we made it to Mary Jane Falls a few days ago and boy was it a beautiful hike. The funny part of this is to every local in the city this hike is just another trail to them. Every person has a story about this trail or how they used to hike it as a teenager with their friends. Now to everyone that isn’t a local this hike is amazing, but isn’t that how it always goes? Normal to some an adventure to others?

This hike is defiantly refreshing after spending time in Las Vegas. The weather here in Vegas right now is about 113 degrees and as you make your way up to mount Charleston the temperature drops to about 80 degrees at the bottom of the mountain  and there is not better feeling. This hike is family friendly but beware it is a strenuous hike. So I wouldn’t take any small children or anyone who isn’t active.

At the top of Mary Jane Falls you will find two small two small waterfalls, a vast view of the mountains, and a refreshing temperature that made me so so happy.

Also on the way out there was one of the most beautiful sunsets I’ve ever seen. If you pay attention on your way in or out there is a pull off area that is like a cliff and I highly recommend stopping at that to check out the view or to watch the sunset


Here’s to a life of spontaneity



The Good, The Bad, and The Hot

After days of debate and days of procrastination I finally made it to the library.

Why it it so hard to make it to the library you ask? Well, let me start with the fact that it is 117 degrees out side here today and its damn hot. This heat wouldn’t be an issue if my little Grand Am blew cold air. Trust me the refrigerated section at Walmart gets colder than my car does. My first car back in Indiana didn’t have AC >>my dad always told me 2-60 Makayla that’s your air conditioner. Now what he meant was two windows down at 60MPH in the Indiana summer and honestly I would take that over what my car blows out right about now in this Vegas heat. In the back of my head I can hear him now saying be happy with what you have because beggars can’t be choosers<< I’ve come to learn driving in Indiana spoiled me in more ways than one. People in Indiana are nice drivers… no I’m not being sarcastic not at all. Vegas drivers are mean.. yes mean that is the only adjective Ive decided to use. People choose to ride in the middle of the line, they cut you off and they have no idea how to use their turn signal! I apologize for the rant  but honestly it common drivers etiquette people.

I came to the library to write my blog today because I wanted some peace and quiet to write. Another question you probably have is why don’t you just take your laptop somewhere quiet like your room or a Starbucks and order yourself a nice drink and relax. Picturesque don’t you think? Well actually that sounds fantastic and I defiantly would if I had a laptop… Yep! That is definitely next to get on my list. I should start a Go Fund Me… think it will take off? 😉

With all of the chattering children and the sound of teenage girls giggling in the corner Ive come to realize the library is a great place to check out books but to write a blog not so much. Maybe if i got up early and brought some coffee with me in the mornings it would be quiet…HA! >> If you know me you also know I’m not a morning person<<

Well friends i just got a notification that the library is closing soon so I should be logging off. Also I need to go check out my book Blogging for Dummies! Kaiti got a book on chemistry and a book about ISIS and I’m honestly hoping someone tackles her on the way out.

I will have some new adventures posted in a couple of days as well.

Here’s to a life of spontaneity


Desert Oasis 

Hi all,

Yesterday we had the opportunity to go visit family friends and let me just say we were not disappointed. This family friend happens to be a garabage man now don’t laugh this garbage man happens to have to most wonderful treasures. He owns one of the garbage companies here in Nevada he also owns enough property for a pond in the moutians with enough water toys for a small village along with a huge rope swing. Now if that doesn’t make it relaxing enough he also has cabins that you can rent! One is even themed after The Hobbibt (pictures attached), they have a train ride names polor Christmas that they have every winter along with winter events that go along with it, >>I can’t wait to go back to see the magic happen! << andddddd they have pretty much a farm with a donkey, a camel, free range lamas, turkeys, and horses. He is defiantly expanding and there’s no end in sight. 

The fishing and the farm animals defiantly reminded me of  Indiana. This desert oasis defiantly has a special place in my heart. It’s nice to feel a little peace of home out here. 

Here’s to a life of spontaneity,


No Promises

IMG_2041Hi there!

Here’s a blog of well, a little bit of everything the places/things I’ve done, what I’ve eaten, and how much mullah I spent doing it. Now I’m making no promises that this will be the best  or the most grammatically correct blog you’ve ever read. Or the best adventures you’ve ever seen but adventures are what make my soul happy and I just want to share some of that with all of you.

There is so much of the world to see and ill be damned if I don’t see as much of it as I possibly can. I made this blog so I can give you guys more information than I can on Instagram and add a few more pictures. >> Also to anyone back home that is reading this I miss you guys lots.<<

Here’s to a life spontaneity,



Abandoned Gems

Today we went down to the Colorado River to go cliff jumping and hang out/and see Nelson Nevada Ghost Town. The drive from start to finish in itself is worth the drive it’s breath-taking. About half way down the mountain there is an old abandoned mining town that is a life sized eye spy game.  From old cars to VW camper vans to downed planes this town does not disappoint and is definitely worth spending some time in. They have had stars like Beyoncé, journey, and so many others come shoot music videos and movies but who could blame them?! As soon as you pull in it screams in your face please Delete repeated word take my picture. >>One of the best things about this place is you don’t have to spend a dime, other than the gas. <<

If you travel a little bit farther down the mountain you will find entrances to old mines that you can explore. Now don’t let the graffiti fool you it’s still worth the hike down inside. >>while inside the “historic center/ general store in the middle of the abandoned town you can find old pictures and old town information.<< They said back in the 1800s:  that they found over 5 million dollars worth of gold in those mines. So not only did they earn a pretty penny they got a beautiful view while they were at it.

At the bottom of the mountain you’ll find the Colorado river. You can relax and float or make the climb and go cliff jumping. The cliffs range from big to small so if you’re a baby like I am don’t worry there’s cliffs for you too! The water is always a little chilly but it doesn’t disappoint because in the desert heat it’s just what you need! I absolutely adore everything about this place.


Here’s to a life of spontaneity,